How to Make a Difference

Today, I was going to write about the unique Love You, Kid model and the nine nonprofit organizations we support. I decided to save this subject for another day. What I want to write about is you making a difference in a kid’s life.

You may think that making a difference is difficult, time consuming or just writing a check. You may believe that a kid has all she or he needs with that smartphone in hand. Speaking of smartphones, did you know that 42% of kids get their first phone at age 10?  Oh, I know with the advent of technology and especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) that a kid has a world they could only dream of 20 years ago.  Allow me to share with you some advice given to me over 30 years ago that is still relevant in improving the life of a child.

I was told to:

Read to children, keep your promises to children, go for walks together, let children help with projects, spend one-on-one time with each child, tell your children about your childhood, set a good example, use good manners, show children lots of warmth and affection, listen to your children, know your children’s friends, take your children to work, resolve conflicts quickly, make a kite together, fly a kite together. The underlying message is to spend TIME with a kid as time is our most precious commodity.

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