Welcome to Love You, Kid!

Welcome to the Love You, Kid blog!

Every month I will share with you random and (hopefully) constructive thoughts regarding our foundation whose sole purpose is to Better the Lives of Children. This month’s blog focuses on the creation of Love You, Kid and what it means to me.

All my life I’ve always been a positive and enthusiastic person. Even as a child I wanted to make things better for others. I can’t say that a foundation was my goal when I was little but as I grew up and had the opportunities to interact with those not as fortunate as me, I began to realize that I had an obligation, almost a purpose in life to help others. 

Fast Forward…

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college and my involvement with neglected and abused children as part of a Psychology class I was enrolled in, I quickly realized that at some point in my life I would have to do more than write a check to have a true impact. Witnessing the dysfunction in the households that I was observing drove me to helping those most vulnerable-KIDS!

Fast forward once again, and whoosh, my insurance career which spanned nearly 40 years is done. What was I to do? The opportunity to begin the creation of Love You, Kid was ready to go. I quickly realized that to do this right I needed to find somebody who shared the same passion for improving the lives of children as I did.  That person is executive director Evelyn Walrath. Her commitment is second to none. Love You, Kid was launched officially in January 2023.

Our Passion. Our Focus.

To say it’s been a learning experience is an understatement. It hasn’t been easy, but nothing is when you aspire to make a difference. This foundation means the world to me. I believe all should strive to better our world. We have chosen to focus on our children. What will you focus on?

Questions or comments, contact me.